How can we support?

We take the safety and well-being of pupils very seriously at Teesville.  We work hard to ensure all pupils are kept safe, and that on the rare occassion any incidents occur we are quick to ensure that these are dealt with the care and detail necessary to ensure all are well supported and guided through the process to whcihever point is necessary.
At Teesville, we have a trained member of staff who worked alongside a team of pupils and an external consultant to gain Gold Princess Diana Award status.  We are now into the third year of this provision, training new children alongside well established members of the team.  At Teesville our ambassadors have named themselves The Teesville Temper Stoppers and worked collaboratively with any children who are having difficulty in dealing with friednships, or other peers to find solutions to any issues.
More serious cases which fall under the heading of "behaviours which are deliberate and sustained over a period of time with the intention to cause hurt through verbal, physical, name calling, or mental actions"
Below you find an overview of the procedures we follow in school when dealing with identifed cases of bulling in school.  Also you will find a request for support form which you or your child may use if you have any concerns.  Please refer to our behaviour policies under behaviour management section for information of how we support incidents under this heading.
If you require any further information or support please contact school via your class teacher, team leader or the office.