We asked..You said... We did...

We asked...
What can we improve?
You said...
1.  Communication systems including the website
2.  Range of extra-curricular activities.
3.  Participation in more school competitions
4.  Better playground equipment
5.  More opportunities to see the work my child is doing beyond parent evenings
We did...
1.  Invested in a new website and communication platform which will enable parents to receive up-to-date
information, pay online, book parent evenings, see what work is going on in their child's class and share
successes children have.
2.  On top of our wide range of extra-curricular activities we have added a Multi-sports, Performing Arts, 
Glee Singing Club, Book Club and Yoga(KS2) and soon a Newspaper club.
3.  We are part of a school partnership for Sport and groups of children participate in a number of
competitions and festivals throughout the year - these are sometimes number limited.  We continue to 
look for other options during this year.
4.  Whilst we have invested in new equipment we are mindful this needs refreshing and have worked with
children across school to design a zoned approach to our breaks and lunchtimes using activities and
equipment they thought would be fun.  In addition, we have created a new EYFS space and outdoor
classroom and animal area are under construction.  We also look forward to opening our Teesville
Nursery, and run a number of clubs and fun activities indoors during these sessions.
5.  Our newly created website and learning platform will enhance these opportunities in KS1 and 2 and
Marvellous Me was introduced into EYFS.  Plans are in place to launch opportunities for parents to work 
alongside their pupils or share in learning based activities to enhance our family activity sessions already