Health & Safety


The new building is deisgned to ensure full safeguarding of our pupils once they enter the school building. Nursery and reception have a separate entrance which is controlled by a security release system via CCTV systems within the building. Once Y3/4 and Y5/6 pupils have entered the grounds via the side gate off the plaza, the gate will be locked and this forms the secure boundary for the rest of the day.

Internally, all zones are entered via fob release systems and a full realm of fire safety exits and systems.

If you need to enter the building at any time during the school day, please report to the main office first where the school business manager will let you in. As you leave please make sure doors are secure behind you. In case of emergency, all staff can open these doors from the inside.

School Gates

The security gates at the front of the school premises remain open throughout the school day whilst staff are on the premises and are locked in the evening.

School Crossing Patrol

School crossing patrols are on duty at
Normanby Road 8.30-9.15am | 3.10-3.40pm

There are no school crossing patrols at lunchtime.

The entrance to the site is clearly marked with no parking restrictions and parents bringing their children to school by car are asked to pay regard to the markings and avoid using the school drive as a turning point. Please do not take offense if you choose to do this and are asked to move in the interest of the safety of our pupils. As part of our School Travel Plan and Healthy Schools approach, we ask parents to avoid bringing children to school by car whenever possible and promote walking for it’s health and environmental benefits. new bike and scooter racks are dotted around the school and we encourage our pupils to use them(at their own risk) and alongside appropriate safety gear.

Collecting Children from School

Your child’s safety and well being are our main concern, so we follow the Local Authority recommendation that primary age pupils may only be collected by responsible people aged 18 years and over. At times we will ask for I.D. from these people to ensure the safety of your child. Please keep the class teacher informed of any changes in your collection arrangements.

Illness and Injury

In the event of a child being ill or injured at school, parents will be contacted as soon as possible so the child can be collected from school.
For this system to work effectively it is essential that the school has an up to date record of contact names, addresses and telephone numbers. You will have already completed an information sheet with these details on. Please let us know straight away if there are any changes.


All children are seen by the school nurse soon after they start school. School nurse and the dental service carry out health checks on groups of children at various stages in their school career.
If parents have any health concerns about their child they can speak to the school nurse in confidence. Please contact the school office if you wish to meet with or speak to the school nurse or feel free to pop in and see her on Thursday mornings when she offers an informal drop-in session.


Class teachers cannot be responsible for administering medication to children. If it is essential that your child receives prescribed medication during the school day, please bring it in the original container to the main office. It must be clearly marked with the child’s name and the dosage. You will be asked to complete a form detailing these requirements.
Children who use asthma inhalers must keep these in the classroom so they are accessible when needed. A spare inhaler may be kept in the main office, again clearly labeled. Please note that no medication can be administered to the nose or eyes by staff.

No Smoking Policy

Teesville Primary School is a no smoking site. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school premise by staff, parents, visitors or community users.


Please note, in the interest of safety of our pupils please do not bring dogs onto the Plaza or school grounds - even if carrying them. Thank you.


Please note the use of bikes and scooters is not allowed on the plaza for the safety of the children and adults accessing this area. We ask for everyone's safety that children dismount at the gates on Lime Road please.