Pupil Survey 2018

At the end of the summer term 2018, we interviewed individuals and groups of children from Y1 up to Y6 leavers to find out their views and opinions on our school. 
Below is a summary of the results and in the Autumn term 2018, the Senior Leadership team, School Council, leaders and governors will work together to celebrate success and look at how we can improve.
Summary of Pupil Interviews 2018
100% of you agreed that for at least most of the time you were happy to come to school
100% of you said you learned lots in lessons
100% of you said school helped you do the best you can
100% of you knew how well you were doing in school
100% said your teacher explained how to improve you work
100% thought teaching was good
100% of you thought teaching helped you develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics.
100% of you thought behaviour was good but much better in the classrooms  and you all thought things were quickly dealt with in a fiar way.
100% of you thought that there either had been bullying in school or that it might happen one day.  100% of you thought it was always dealt with quickly and it had stopped.
100% of you said you felt safe in school.
100% felt teachers were interested in your views but would welcome even more chance to be able to express views.
Some, around 20% felt teachers shouted  at times but most 80% said you never heard shouting but sometimes raised voices.
We were delighted to hear your positive views and will continue to work to make this a special place to be.
Your Views:
What we do well:
"I can do allsorts now that I couldn't do at the start of year 3."
"Everyone wants our to try our best"
"Teachers spend a long time helping us get better or if we are sad."
"Teachers help us if things are hard"
"We do lots of it in different ways"
"My friend got lots of help when she was being bullied and now she is really happy"
"Nothing to change... I love it!"
"It's such fun even when its tricky"
"Topic and writing are my favourite lessons"
"The marks in our books helps me know good and bad things"
"If anyone is silly or naughty it is sorted out quick"
"We have lovely outdoor things to help us learn"
"Protected and safe"
"Push me to my limits"
"Detention is good for the punishments"
Things to improve:
  • dinner times
  • play equipment
  • some silly behaviour
  • more jobs round school