Leadership Team

Mrs WestonHead of School
  • Behaviour and Attendance Lead
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead                  
  • Key Stage One Team Leader

Mrs AshmanHead of School

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Joint EYFS Lead

Mrs McGeough - Joint EYFS Lead / PE Lead Health and Well Being Lead

Mrs Meikle – Year 3/4 Team Leader  /  Maths Lead

Mr Francis – Year 5/6 Team Leader  / Assessment and Moderation lead / IT Lead

Mrs McPhillips - School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage  and Key Stage One

Mrs McGeough - Nursery teacher
Mrs Prout – Teaching assistant
Mrs Green – Teaching assistant

Mrs Ward – Reception teacher
Miss Snee – Teaching assistant
Mrs Fawcett/Mrs Craig - Reception / Year 1 teachers
Miss Carney– Teaching assistant
Miss Winter –  Year 1 Teacher
Mr Williams – Year 2 Teacher
Miss. Asghar - Year 2 Teacher
Key Stage One Support Staff: Mrs Blair, Miss Baggott, and Mrs K. Green.

Key Stage Two Team
Mr Watson – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Weyell – Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs Meikle – Year 4 Teacher / Lower KS2 Team Leader

Miss Barwick –  Y5/6 Teacher
Mr White - Y5/6 Teacher
Mr Francis – Y5/6 Teacher and Upper KS2 Team Leader
Mrs. Rathbone - Nurture Class Teacher
Key Stage 2 - Support Team
Mrs Cockerill - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Brannigan – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lloyd - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Hebb - Teaching Assistant SEN
Mrs C Heritage - Teaching Assistant SEN
Mr Parry - Teaching Assistant SEN
Mrs A Ibinson - Teaching Assistant SEN
Specialist Staff
Mrs. McLaughlin and Mrs. Sanderson - School Administrators
Mr Gunter  - Site Supervisor
Nicky Croft - School Counsellor
Tom Burke Academy - Sports Provision

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Bassett - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Robinson - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Robinson - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr Barnett - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Carless - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Durber - Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Durber - Lunchtime Supervisor