Term Dates

Term Dates for 2018/19 are as follows:
Autumn 1 - September 5th 2018 - October 26th 2018
Autumn 2 - November 5th 2018 - December 20th 2018
Spring 1 - January 7th 2019 - February 15th 2019
Spring 2 - February 25th 2019 - April 5th 2019
Summer 1 - April 23rd 2019 - May 24th 2019
Summer 2 - June 3rd 2019 - July 19th 2019
Further information can be found at www.redcar-cleveland.gov.uk/resident/schools-and-learning/school-terms-holidays

Improving school attendance is one of the government’s high priorities because children need to be in school to benefit from the teaching and learning opportunities.
All schools have attendance targets which are monitored by the local authority and at a national level. Children who miss school for holidays can result in schools not meeting their attendance and academic targets.
There is no entitlements to a holiday leave and head teachers only have the power to authorise leave for exceptional circumstances - medical appointments, operations and treatments(all need proof of appointment); bereavement and funerals or religious obligitons.